Thursday, September 28, 2006


Cannon AFB Air Park, Part II

More pictures from the Air Park. Buck told me that just about every air force base in the United States has a air park of one size or another. Some only have one or two airplanes, and some have more. Buck thinks Cannon will add more airplanes to their air park when the new units arrive at Cannon next year. You can read all about Cannon by clicking the link in the side bar. If you want to.

So, anyway. The pics below are of an EF-111, an electronic warfare aircraft that was used to jam enemy radars and communication systems. The EF-111 isn’t in the Air Force any longer, it’s been retired. Bobby’s brother Buck worked on the bomber model of the F-111 back in the 1990’s and was in the First Gulf War. (Yeah, Bobby’s oldest brother has the same name as his Dad. Weird, isn’t it?)

The other airplane is a T-33 trainer, an airplane that was in the Air Force’s inventory from the 1940s through the 1980’s. That’s a long time for an airplane to be on active duty in the Air Force!

Well, I’m going back to La Porte tomorrow. My vacation in Portales is over.

I hope you liked my stories and photos!

Dear Stanley,

I'm truly amazed by all the places you've been and the things you've done! So glad you shared your time in Portales, New Mexico, with us. And Buck looks like a really cool guy to hang out with!

Where are you headed for next? After the trip to the Post Office, that is? :) Have a super trip!

Your new friend, Bec
Stanley, you remind me a lot of my nephew's friend Flat Luke who went to visit his uncle in Austin. He got a real taste of the left-wing Austinites, but had a great time. My nephew's kindergarten teacher got a real kick out of Flat Luke's vacation. She showed it to all of the other teachers too.
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