Thursday, September 28, 2006


Cannon AFB Air Park, Part I

Today we went out to the air base again, but this time it was a lot more fun than shopping. Buck took me to the base air park where they have all kinds of different airplanes on display. Real airplanes, real fighters, not just models. The airplanes that are on display here are planes the 27th Tactical Fighter Wing has flown during its long history, dating back to the Korean War in the 1950s.

This (above) is an F-101 that set a world speed record back in the 60s.

This is an F-84 like the kind the 27th flew during the Korean War. The next picture is the marker in front of the F-84 with historical information.

And this is a picture of me in the business end of that F-84.

And finally, this is a picture of the disk that sits in the center of the air park. I don't know who had more fun at the air park, me or Buck. He really likes airplanes, but I guess he should...after all, he DID spend 22 years in the Air Force!

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